It’s been a while

I renewed this domain name today and I’m not sure why — it actually expired 6 days ago and it’s been since October 2014 since my last post.  I admire my friends who can keep up with their blogs (looking at you Jaime Kight  I unfortunately, am not able to do that.  But something about paying Go Daddy $25 for 2 more years of keeping this domain was easier than telling my past-and-future-selves inside of me that I’ve given up on their thoughts, feelings.

I sometimes wonder how many people have found my little spot in internet land — people who know me and people who don’t.  Sure, I could get the analytics — but I’m not talking about that — I’m talking about the random story of the stranger who saw something differently or a friend who knows me differently.  What’s even more amazing is that I have heard from some of them … especially through my other pod-cast project Modern Day Flappers.

Yet, this blog was never about them.  It’s about me — nothing but fancy — fancy is my nickname, sometimes it’s fancy pants.  I’m not going to apologize for that or for the self-aggrandizing part or the vulnerable part or any of the past, current, or future selves that have or will write on here.  I guess I renewed this domain because I want/need/desire a little space dedicated to me in internet land and who knows, maybe I’ll actually visit and spend some time before 2 years goes by…

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