My best friend calls me Fancy, not only because it rhymes with my real name (Nancy) but also because I have this sorta fanciness to me. I love peacock feathers, dressing up, waffle cones, pens with flowers on the end, star gazer lillies, glitter, drinking tea with my pinky up, and going to the opera and symphony.

 Peacock Feathers

And yet… I love many out doors things including boating, running in the rain, jumping on trampolines, snow skiing, tennis, swimming… I also like my water from the tap, don’t mind squashing cockroaches, can start a fire from scratch (ha ha, well maybe not), and have been the repair lady in my living situations post parentals.

Other things to know about me is that I LOVE to sing and I am deeply interested in ethomusicology (the study of world music). My passion is to share and experience music with people from all nations and walks of life.

I love God and my blogs will be tied to my relationship with God because I am nothing without Creator, Jesus, and Spirit… I can not view my life outside of love, grace, and hope.
-Written by Nancy circa 2008, still true in 2014.